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Gifts honoring others

in honor of

For those who have inspired, protected, mentored and even challenged us, this page recognizes their strong presence in our lives.  Gifts  to the Women’s Resource Center in Alamance County during the 2015-2016 year have been made to honor the following people and their impact on our lives.

In Honor of

  • Kelly May by Robin Wintringham
  • Susan Osborne by Jim & Katherine Roberson
  • Jennie Adkins by Anne Wooten
  • Deborah Long by Anne Wooten
  • Carolyn Stuart by Anne Wooten
  • Robin & David Wintringham by Anne Baker
  • Susan Watson by Judy Morgan-Davis
  • Susan Manning by Linda M. Ford
  • Jeannette Blackburn by Linda M. Ford
  • Diane Heath by Linda M. Ford
  • Susan Watson by Linda M. Ford
  • Marilyn Bissett by Sheree & Jim Bissett
  • Betty H. Readling by Sheree & Jim Bissett
  • Mary Alexander by Liz Kennedy
  • Shirley Williams by Ann Hauser
  • Joyce Munroe by Mitzie Munroe
  • Mary Rhodes by Carolyn Rhodes
  • Kathryn Porter by Angela Small
  • Jean Anderson by Cone Health / ARMC Rehabilitation Services
  • Jean Anderson by Stephen & Kirsten Folger

In Memory of

  • Mary Melton by Anne Baker
  • Helen S. Anderson by Dr. Lane Anderson
  • Christine Zeigler Grace by Susan Zeigler Watson
  • Margaret Cline by Jane C. Wellford
  • Martha Smith-Trout by Elon University English Dept
  • Martha Smith-Trout by Kate Larson
  • Martha Smith-Trout by Jean Anderson
  • Martha Smith-Trout by Bookwomen
  • Dr. Nariman Mehta by Jonathan and Laura Keohane

Our work is made possible by the generosity of our community members. Please continue to support our mission of empowering women and enriching lives, and together we can continue to positively impact Alamance county.

Honor someone who has made a difference in your life by donating now.