Women’s Financial Education Summit

Erin L. Cockman with Milestone Wealth Management in conjunction with the WRC hosts financial literacy summits designed to engage women to have open conversations about financial topics with the intention to educate and empower women to make wise financial decisions.

Information and Registration for July 2023 Here


Success Toolkit


Our Success ToolKit empowers women to improve and enrich their lives during times of transition through coaching, mentoring, goal setting, financial education, budget counseling, career counseling, and job readiness training including resume writing.  We connect women to other community resources and provide educational workshops on various topics monthly.

This program is supported by United Way of Alamance County.


Working Women’s Wednesday


Working Women’s Wednesday is our exciting monthly luncheon series that presents interesting speakers, inspiring messages, and valuable networking opportunities.



We provide two programs that prepare women who are actively seeking employment or are interested in sharpening their skills for advancement and growth. Women Connecting Women and Working Smart (in partnership with Alamance Community College).

Job Search Workshop, Women Connecting Women

This six session workshop series focuses on uncovering your skills and talents, building and strengthening your resume and cover letter, sharpening networking and interview skills, and exploring career development.

Information for August 2023 Women Connecting Women Here

Working Smart Soft Skills Workshop

Employers are looking for people who have the “life skills” capabilities that outlast and extend beyond technical skills. Skills that allow you to communicate, build relationships, continuously grow and thrive in competitive work environments, and adapt to rapid change. Working Smart provides these tools so you can excel at your job and be a more valuable employee. Hosed in partnership with Alamance Community College.


Financial Series – 3 Part Workshop


Use this interactive, lively workshop to put your finances on the right track with goal setting, debt management, and asset building.

(We are not offering this workshop for the time being)


Self Esteem Workshop Series


This 4-part series is designed to give your self-confidence a boost and help you feel empowered to make better choices. Offered several times per year.

 (We are not offering this workshop for the time being)


Growing Up and Liking It – For Girls


This workshop on puberty promotes parent-child communication and is offered for mothers & daughters (ages 9-12). This two-hour discussion is meant to explain the changes our bodies go through in a non-embarrassing way.

Taught by Dr. Amanda Tapler, this is one of our most popular programs.


 (We are not offering this workshop for the time being)